Molly's Movement Hat

This Molly's Movement Carolina blue hat is 100% Cotton and Adjustable to fit any size. It's comfy, strong, breathable and fits Both Men and Women.

Through the sale of Molly's Movement products we will continue to grow, educate, support and give back to caregivers.

Why a Grasshopper?
My Mother Molly always had this brass Grasshopper in the house as long as I can remember. It was always displayed on the mantle of the fireplace so everyone could see it.  Because of this, I decided a "Grasshopper" would be our icon for educating, supporting and spreading Inspiration to people dealing with life struggles .  I was also very surprised to find out what the meaning was behind the Grasshopper.

Grasshoppers can gather in millions and even billions.  Grasshoppers can only jump forward, not backward or sideways.  Grasshoppers take risks,  live by instinct,  leap over obstacles and represent Fearlessness,  Courage,  Opportunistic,  Achievement,  Patience,  Stability,  Insightfulness,  Optimism,  Creativity and the love of a challenge.