Our Mission

Molly's Movement is a passionate, motivated and loving group of people from all over the world who were brought together by Molly.  Molly's Movement wants to help bring awareness and help to find a cure for Dementia and Alzheimer's through government funding.

Many people in our group have Dementia or Alzheimer's or have had a loved one who has died from this horrible disease. We also have a lot of caregivers who are currently or have, in the past, dealt with a loved one's Dementia. It's these caregivers who need and give support to others around the world.

Molly's Movement has also gathered thousands of people who have never heard of Dementia and want to help make a difference.  Molly has touched so many lives and taught so many people how devastating Dementia is and how fragile life can be.

We get emails everyday from people all over the world saying, "Thank you for showing us what Dementia does", or that they have reconnected with a loved one, or called someone to say "I Love You", or "I'm sorry let's reconnect and build on our relationship."

Our mission is to raise awareness through our video series and ultimately obtain a steady flow of funding and research through government sources, which will facilitate in finding a cure, in addition, funding to help ease the suffering that this disease causes families and caregivers.

Along this journey, we want to give back by helping others with Dementia and also the caregivers who have devoted their lives to caring for someone with this heart wrenching condition.

Some examples of how Molly's Movement will give back could be hiring a nurse to assist a deserving family in caring for their loved one while we send them on an all expense paid night out so they can relax and have some fun. Also, Molly's Movement could send the family on an all expense paid vacation so they can enjoy one last vacation before Dementia takes over their loved one's memory.

I know my mother Molly would be deeply proud to be part of helping other families enduring their own journey with Dementia. It has always been in my mother's spirit to give back and help others in any way she can. Through the sale of our products, we will promote Molly's Movement, which will create more public awareness while giving back to families and caregivers dealing with Dementia.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in Molly's Movement for your time, consideration, love and passion, always moving forward and making a difference every day. We can only jump forward, not backwards or sideways.

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